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Kilkenny Free Range


Kilkenny Free Range - Food Producer part of Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail
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Just 10 minutes outside the city off the Callan Road, geese and chickens graze and roam freely in open pastures on Mary and Tony Walsh’s farm. Producing free range oven ready chicken and geese that are the choice of Kilkenny’s finest chefs, Mary says ‘our objective is to produce the best quality poultry while having the best regard possible for the welfare of the birds’. There’s no doubt that the Walsh’s care for their poultry and avoid artificial inventions, e.g. antibiotics, sprays, etc. and ensure that their rations are derived from natural sources.

Where: Callan Road, Co. Kilkenny
Open: By appointment
Phone: 056 776 3426 Mobile: 087 643 997

Experience: Visit the farm to see the chicks and place your order for a Christmas Goose.