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ScareFest Hallowe'en Festival


ScareFest Hallowe'en Festival at Shankill Castle

at Paulstown, Co.Kilkenny

 October to November 2017

Shankill Castle gets all the skeletons out of the closet this Halloween for ScareFest, a Halloween festival with ghost tours and family events.

The Cope family have resided in the 300 year old house for 25 years. They run a ghost tour through their home. The tour is so frightening that is comes with a warning. This Hallowe'en they invite us to explore and experience the mysterious happenings of the haunted castle and graveyard with them on ghost tours and murder mystery dinners. Originally a Butler tower-house, Shankill Castle, Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny is a Queen Anne house built in 1708 and named after the old church and grave yard, located in the castle grounds.

The ghost tours are night-time and candle-lit. A member of the Cope family leads the tour through the most haunted areas of the castle and graveyard and relays the tales of past residents, along with an account of the recently recorded paranormal experiences. Sybil Emmet-Booth, the youngest of the Cope family warns "this tour is not recommended for the faint hearted, those with underlying health conditions, or for those under the age of 15, though often parents are more easily frightened"

Shankill Castle also hosts murder mystery dinners for groups, ideal for Christmas parties or an off the wall stag or hen party. Brave guests dine in style as they feast their way through home-grow delights while immersed in the ghastly psycho dramas of  Shankill Castle's history, solving the most recent crime of the castle and enduring the terrifying ghost tour.

If you are not brave enough for the night there are charming children's activities during the daylight hours. The enchanting Wand and Quill making workshop is running at Shankill Castle throughout the half-term holiday where children learn about the impressive trees of Shankill and get to meet the Minister for Wands who provides them with their very own wand, wand licence and ink quill. Also available in daylight hours is the spooky Children's Ghost Tour suitable for toddlers to ten year olds. For teens there is the Twilight Teenage Ghost Tour in the early evenings.

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