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3 Great Places to Grab Pizza in Kilkenny

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Pizza is a universally loved dish and one you’re guaranteed to have when you’re on holidays, or these days on a staycation. However, we’ve all been there when a bad pizza gets served in front of you and it completely ruins your mood! But don’t worry, we won’t let that happen. We’ve tasted some of the top cheesy, crusty, topping filled pizzas in Kilkenny and have narrowed down our choices on the podium to 3 top places… So here we go!

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La Rivista

If we’re talking about the best pizza in Kilkenny well then we have to start in an Italian, the home of pizza! Since opening in 2009, La Rivista quickly became a locals paradise for dining out. And with that, came an authentic style Italian pizza joint for all to enjoy. With their traditional stone oven in the kitchen, La Rivista sticks to a thin base with all the flavours in the body. They constantly experiment with different toppings  leaving the order choice really difficult for customers. You just want to try them all! 


Situated in the centre of Kilkenny opposite the Waterside Theatre, La Rivista boasts an unrivalled setting in the heart of Kilkenny. It’s a traditional Italian pizza heaven that we urge you to try when you’re in Kilkenny!

Note: Currently offering take out Wednesday – Sunday to 5pm

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Sullivans Taproom

Are you looking for a more unique experience rather than the usual pizza & go? Sullivans Taproom serves a range of locally brewed beers with your wood-fire pizza. From stout to craft to lagers, you certainly won’t be left thirsty during your meal. 

Sullivans Taproom has become a major hotspot when it comes to being able to sit down, eat some great pizza, drink some beers and relax in the sun trapped beer garden. On the pizza front, they go with a slightly thicker base for all the crust lovers out there, accompanied by a cheesy body. Choose from a number of different toppings that are on offer and enjoy the fresh aromas as it’s served up to you. If you’re planning on heading to Sullivans Taproom (which we highly recommend doing), keep your afternoon free to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and energy in the place!

Langtons Terrace

The Garden Room at Langtons

Maintaining its name, taste and reputation for years, Langtons is a Kilkenny favourite. From the hotel to the late night bar, it’s no exaggeration to say that Langtons cover everything. In the garden room, you’ll find some of their famous in-house wood-fired pizzas. And with these ones, it’s all about your toppings. Go minimalistic or pack it all on, it’s up to you! But you’ll definitely be satisfied. 

Stay afterward and check out the beautiful surrounding interior. Spread over four tiers with natural light flooding in through the large elegant stained glass roof windows and outdoor terrace the Langton Garden Restaurant exudes warmth, friendliness, sophistication, charm and character. A very upmarket setting for a very delicious pizza!


Visit www.tastekilkenny.ie for more information