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Kilkenny – so much to tour and explore within walking distance

Kilkenny is a richly historic place with a warm welcome and the promise of an unrivalled experience that resonates long after leaving. It is also the perfect city to explore on foot!, by bike or on a city train, it's so accessible. There are a number of experienced tour guides to take you exploring throughout the beautiful county and to immerse you in a richness of salacious tales and scintillating stories from Medieval times.

Experienced guides such as Frank Kavanagh of Frank’s Medieval Tours, Pat Tynan of Pat Tynan’s Kilkenny Walking Tours and Brian Hogan of  www.kilkennymedievalmiletour.com are gatekeepers of legends and will enthral you with Kilkenny’s magnificent and magical history while rambling through the winding laneways.

Kilkenny Cycling Tours are also on hand for a whistle-stop tour of Kilkenny’s  fascinating landmarks.

Stop by Ireland’s famous Medieval Mile. As Ireland’s best preserved medieval city, the mile captures 800 years of history and hosts renowned and hidden gems, from the magnificent Castle and the enchanting Rothe Gardens to St. Canice’s Cathedral. This is a city shrouded in tales of superstition and subterfuge. For the brave, grab the opportunity to climb St. Canice’s round tower which at 30m, is one of only two climbable towers in Ireland.

A fantastic way to take in the sights is to take a city train around the narrow streets and cobbles, taking in the wealth of architectural gems and beautiful built heritage. Take your pick, sit back and enjoy a Tour of Kilkenny by Train.

A Kilkenny bar and venue dating back to 1324 with an intriguing background

Explore captivating landmarks such as Shee Alms House, the Tholsel or ‘Town Hall‘ as the locals call it, or drop into the magnificent Medieval Mile Museum. Venture down the Butter Slip and Market Slip to meet Kilkenny’s infamous ‘Dame Alice Kyteler’ in Kyteler’s Inn on a ghostly walking tour. You can even try a medieval meal in Petronella, which is named after the unfortunate maid to Dame Alice who was burned at the stake as a witch.


Ramble from the City Gate to City Wall and take in the Black Abbey, Rothe House or St. Canice’s Cathedral, wrapping up with a truly wonderful walk in the extensive parkland at Kilkenny Castle.


A sojourn on a city train is a must, viewing so many Medieval gems along twisty laneways is a delight with commentary and guides. No trip to Kilkenny is complete without a Kilkenny City Tour Train selfie!

If macabre is your thing, try a late night spine tingling stroll.
For an alternative tour, check out Shenanigans for a blend of comedy, magic, history and whimsical fun on a jolly jaunt sharing fun facts and a good dollop of irreverent humour, craíc and mischief.