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Elevate someone’s home with candles and diffusers available in a host of scents and colours this season….

Moth To A Flame Lunar Globe

Moth to a Flame - Lunar Globes

Very distressed wax lanterns, very striking display. A high melt-point wax shape that flickers and glows with internal candle-light. The textured, tortured finish is courtesy of the in-mould mix of ice and wax. Strong colours are deliberate to maximise impact. The resulting lantern is visually intriguing, even when not lit. When lit, the reveal is a pleasant surprise.

Price: €50 – €80

Meubles Christmas Market Newgrange Living Summer Garden Luxury Candle & Diffuser Set

Meubles - Newgrange Living Summer Garden Luxury Candle & Diffuser Set

This elegant and luxurious Summer Garden candle and diffuser set from Newgrange Living will add a beautiful aroma and a touch of class to your home. Presented in a lovely Newgrange Living gift box, this is a perfect gift for that special occasion.

Price: €16.95

Moth To A Flame Scented Candle Gift Set

Moth to a Flame - Scented 3 Pack Gift

Scented candle in sets of three. Handmade in Ireland. Gift wrapped in gauze. Choose from Set A,B or C. 

Price: €35.00

Meubles Christmas Market Torc Limited Edition Cinnamon & Log Fire Diffuser 150ml

Meubles Christmas Market Torc Limited Edition Cinnamon & Log-Fire Diffuser 150ml

This wonderful Torc diffuser is the perfect addition to any room with its elegant scent of cinnamon sticks, mulled wine and baked apples with a slight undertone of orange to create the perfect autumnal aroma. 

Price: €19.95

Gypsy Moth Candle Moth To A Flame

Moth to a Flame - Gypsy Moth

Lacquered, brilliant white candles. Patterns are hand painted, so each is unique. Display candles, exploiting the ability of Moth to a Flame pillars to glow. Lacquer is laid on in a swirling pattern onto brilliant white wax. Artistic and visually interesting, especially when the lacquer pattern is backlit. These are true mantelpiece candles.

Price: €9 – €15

Celtic Candles Organic Uplift Candle

Kilkenny Design Centre - Celtic Candles Organic Range Uplift Candle

This beautiful candle by Celtic Candles contains natural oils such as Citrus Fruits and Indian Spice. An essential oil mix to give you the spa sensation at home. A 180ml recycled brown glass pot with black lid using organic plant wax and essential oils. Convenient and easy to use, these long-burning jars provide hours of true fragrance enjoyment. They’re also the ideal gift for any occasion.

Price: €15.00

Celtic Candles Large Pop Candles

Kilkenny Design Centre - Celtic Candles Black Pomegranate Pop Candle

Contains ingredients such as Pomegranate, plum, rhubarb and watermelon. This dark sweet aroma gives an air of refinement and alertness. Let the rich smell fill the room and enjoy the glow of the candle light. These 100% organic plant wax candle are made with a unique blend of soy, palm and rapeseed so natural you can use hot wax on your skin. Every jar comes with an attractive, recycled wooden top ideal for use in the pantry when the candle is finished.

Price: €19.95

Meubles Christmas Market Newgrange Living Unicorn Lustre Pillar Candleholder 25.5cm

Meubles - Newgrange Living Unicorn Lustre Pillar Candleholder 25.5cm

This 25.5cm Newgrange Living Unicorn Lustre Pillar Candleholder epitomises all that is delightful about Irish design and manufacture. Featuring a delicate curved design this timeless candleholder will look great in all interiors, and is an ideal gift option. 

Price: €24.95

Meubles Mindy Brownes Festive Candle

Meubles - Mindy Brownes Ginger & Cinnamon Festive Candle

This lavender and bergamot glass candle from Mindy Brownes features a perfect harmony between two sweet aromas, lavender and bergamot. This lovely candle comes in a Mindy Brownes gift box.

Price: €17.99