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Culture Night Kilkenny 2020

Culture Night Kilkenny 2020

Culture Night / Oíche Chultúir is an annual, all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. This year, it will take place on Friday 18th September 2020. On Culture Night, arts and cultural organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, from independent studios and art-spaces to national cultural institutions, extend their opening hours to allow increased access for the public. Special and unique events and workshops are specifically programmed at participating locations and, thanks to the continued support of the Arts Council and local authorities across the island of Ireland, all activities are made available to the public free of charge. See our list below of Culture Night activities happening in Kilkenny!

Kilkenny Sculpture Trail

CONNECTED Kilkenny Sculpture Trail

Designed as a sculpture trail throughout the city, CONNECTED allows audiences to re-connect with culture and craft outside of a gallery setting. The trail celebrates our collective solidarity, connectivity, resilience and creativity in a changed world.

 The trail opens up heritage gardens and courtyards at the heart of Kilkenny, and encourages participants to rediscover the city through fresh eyes. Beginning from the courtyard of Castle Yard and the Butler House Gardens, you’ll walk through Kilkenny Castle Park, Medieval Mile, Butler Gallery at Evans’ Home, as well as taking in art at shopfronts, hotels and unexpected locations. Produced by Design & Crafts Council Ireland with Kilkenny County Council, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny Civic Trust, OPW, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Tourism, Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce and local business owners.

Explore CONNECTED by strolling through the city locations, or from home through the virtual visit which will be available on the Culture Night website on the 18th September.

Map and full details available on www.ndcg.ie/exhibitions/connected

Please be mindful of the opening hours for some of the exhibits:
Castle Park: 10am – 7pm
Butler Gardens: 1.30pm – 7pm (maximum capacity 50 people)
Medieval Mile: 11am – 9pm
Market Cross: 9am – 9pm
MacDonagh Junction: 9am – 9pm
Castle Yard:        10am – 9pm


 Time: 4pm – 10pm
Address: Castle Yard, Kilkenny
Website: http://www.ndcg.ie/exhibitions/connected
Phone: 056 7796147
No Booking Required
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Culture Night Live Online Workshops:

Paper Blossoms – Click Here

Gestural Papercuts with Paul Bokslag – Click Here


Guided tours of the National Design & Craft Gallery

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Culture Night Medieval Mile Museum Star Weaving Workshop

Medieval Mile Museum - Star Weaving Workshop

Join in a socially-distanced workshop at the Medieval Mile Museum, where you will learn how to weave a simple 8-pointed star from recycled materials. Your star will join tens of thousands of others in the Amber Women’s Refuge One Million Stars to End Violence project. Amber Women’s Refuge, led by Siobhan McQuillan (Art Therapist) and Relief Worker, initiated a Star Weaving project in Kilkenny in December 2019 with the aim to raise awareness and provide information about Domestic Violence. Kilkenny County Council has recently partnered with Amber Women’s refuge to support and promote this project and to get people weaving stars across Kilkenny and indeed the whole of Ireland. To date there is a total of 3000 stars weaved by Kilkenny Volunteers, these stars form a fantastic installation for Culture Night at the Medieval Mile Museum.




No booking required for this workshop but access will be staggered.

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Address: 2 Saint Mary’s Lane, High Street, Kilkenny

Website: http://www.medievalmilemuseum.ie/

Phone: 0567817022

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Butler House and Gardens

Butler House & Garden - CONNECTED Sculpture Trail

 CONNECTED Sculpture Trail

We are delighted to be taking part in Culture Night 2020, and as part of the CONNECTED Sculpture Trail, the garden will remain open until 7 p.m. to allow visitors to view some of the fantastic works on display.

Time: Butler Gardens: 1.30pm – 7pm (maximum capacity 50 people)
No Booking Required
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Kilkenny castle culture night

Kilkenny Castle - Connect through Culture

OPW Kilkenny Castle is delighted to partner with National Design & Craft Gallery for their Culture Night festival of self-directed workshops and activities for all ages on Friday 18 September.

Kilkenny Castle Park is the main outdoor location for three self-directed activities. These will take place during the day at various times.

Booking is essential.

Follow the link below to find out more about what’s going on and to book your place…


Kilkenny Famine Experience

Kilkenny Famine Experience

Visit Kilkenny Union Workhouse, adjacent to Kilkenny Train Station, now beautifully restored as MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre to take this FREE audio visual self-led tour. Hear the heartbreaking and poignant human stories recorded in local newspaper articles and minute books from the Board of Guardians, a true reflection of the Kilkenny Famine Experience from the perspective of the Workhouse inmates and staff. Learn about the ground-breaking research carried out as the result of the unexpected discovery of over 970 human remains in 2005, described as the most significant discovery in the world relating to the Irish Famine. These remains, the Kilkenny Famine Victims offered groundbreaking osteo-archaeological insights into the influencing factors that made some survive and more perish in 1840’s Ireland.

Visit the final resting place of these victims and pay respect to their memory at the Famine Memorial Garden. View the beautiful bronze sculpture commissioned in 2017 to honor their memory. Reconnect to them as individuals; realising that each had names, complex feelings, relationships, hopes and fears facing Ireland’s darkest period in history. Meet the young Saul brothers, John and Patrick who sought refuge in the Workhouse in 1842 after being abandoned by their parents on the docks in Dublin. Faced with an arduous journey on foot back to Clonmel they presented at the Workhouse and were admitted.

Time: The experience will be available till 9pm on Friday 18th September for culture night. 

COVID 19 Policies

  • Max group numbers – 5
  • Larger groups can be accommodated with staggered start times
  • Disposable earphones available to purchase for €2 or bring your own!
  • Full contact tracing in place
  • All devices fully sanitised before and after use
  • Face coverings must be worn
  • Disposable face masks are available to purchase for €1

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