Something’s Brewing! Ballykeefe Distillery

Brewing and distilling is deeply embedded in the industrial fabric of Kilkenny. Such is it's popularity - the nearby Institute of Technology has introduced a Bachelor of Science degree in brewing and distilling! Kilkenny leads the way in product innovation and no visit to the place synonymous with Smithwick's is complete without taking a distillery tour or sampling a tincture from a local micro-brewery. From pip to sip and grape to grain, Kilkenny producers are delighted to welcome visitors to explore the science and folklore of this ancient craft.

We’re the only farm in the Republic of Ireland that grows its own barley and uses that to make its own spirits. We’re the only distillery feeding the by-products back out to the cattle on the farm - Morgan Ging

Ballykeefe Distillery

From our Fields to your Glass

Ballykeefe Distillery produces premium whiskey, exceptional gin, special vodka and Traditional Poitin in the heart of  the picturesque countryside of Cuffesgrange, Co. Kilkenny. Morgan Ging had an ambition 25 years ago to produce whiskey from his own barley and his dream was realised  in 2017 when he produced the first casks. Today, their pure poitín, gin and vodka, and now Ballykeefe beef is championed by restaurants throughout the County and Ballykeefe has been running away with awards – not just for its products, but for its commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

Constantly innovating to copper fasten its sustainability- this year Ballykeefe added a Visitor Centre which now ranks at the top of the group  on Tripadvisor. Distillery Tours open again on 1st March 2019.

An Intoxicating success story

Accolades include 3rd in the world at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, Master Class for its Poitín at the 2018 Global Spirits Masters in London and Gold for the Poitín at the 2018 Irish Whiskey Awards


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BallyKeefe Distillery

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Something’s Brewing! Ballykeefe Distillery

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BallyKeefe Distillery

Kyle, Ballykeefe, Cuffsgrange, County Kilkenny


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The BallyKeefe Distillery story is extremely rare and unique with it being the only distillery in Ireland that carries a culture of sustainability and a blue print for the environment. This state of the art new distillery at Ballykeefe is the first Whiskey distillery to operate in Kilkenny in over 200 years. It revives an Irish tradition of family farm distilleries lost for centuries. There is a huge emphasis on being eco-friendly, low carbon footprint and 100% sustainable, with the pot ale and spent grains fed to the cattle on the farm. This is a one of a kind in Ireland where everything from Grain to Glass is done on the family farm with no off-farm waste.