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  • Keep the kids entertained at home! Download our fun and educational activity sheets!

Keep the kids entertained at home! Download our fun and educational activity sheets!

Keep the kids entertained at home! Download our fun and educational activity sheets!


Castlecomer Discovery Park have come up with these fantastic educational work sheets to bring elements of their education programme into your home, helping you to keep the little ones entertained and engaged in fun learning activities. Their aim is to help develop a sense of nature connection through outdoor play and learning. Usually the 80 acres of stunning woodland and lakes at Castlecomer Discovery Park is their canvas for their annual education programs. However, this year they have created these activities especially for you to do at home during this time.

All activities can be done in your home with materials you can find in your garden or very near your home. All you have to do is click the link below to download the worksheets and print them off. These activities are simple but enjoyable while providing learning opportunities.  Castlecomer Discovery Park look forward to supporting you and your families through this time by providing activities that will give you to the tools to make learning fun.

Visit: www.discoverypark.ie


Fun Ways to Learn At Home

Rock Balancing Castlecomer Discovery Park Kilkenny

Rock Balancing

Stone stacking is great fun – used by many to relax, to meditate, to practice mindfulness, to create and to play! No need for glue, string or any other supports – just stack the stones, you’ll find the right balance and they will support each other to create some lovely nature art. Stack them in your garden, on your windowsill or in your bedroom. You could even paint the stones for some added colour and creativity!

Our first activity is Rock Balancing – Try it out! Click the link below for PDF print outs.

Download Here – Rock Balancing Worksheet

cocooning sheet

Cocooning and Butterflies

You might have heard this word on the news recently. Someone you know might even be cocooning for a little while to stay safe and protected. Moths, some butterflies, earthworms, and leeches make cocoons as part of their life cycle. A cocoon (or chrysalis) is a covering or case made by some insects to protect themselves or their young as they develop into adults. Craft A Cocoon, Cocoon Yourself, Learn Butterfly Maths and so much more – simply download the worksheet below.

Download Here  – Cocooning Work Sheet

Alphabet and Letter Detective Castlecomer Discovery Park Kilkenny

Alphabet and Letter Detective

Choose a location of your choice (your garden, bedroom, kitchen, place you go for a walk). Find items beginning with each letter of the alphabet and fill in the table below with the word and a little drawing of what you discover. Can you complete every box? Enjoy Literacy, a Maths Challenge and a Literacy Super Challenge on this fun worksheet.

Download Here  – Alphabet and Letter Detective Worksheet

Mindful Nature Journal

The pace of life has slowed down over the last few weeks. But nature isn’t slowing down, Spring has just about sprung! What better way to enjoy and appreciate the changes than to create your very own Nature Diary to record all the interesting things you see, smell, hear, feel and wonder about! Here are some ideas to get you started on your nature connection journey! For Science, Mindfulness, Literacy & Art challenges download the below worksheet. 

Download Here  – Mindful Nature Journal Worksheet