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Farmers Market (4)

Every Thursday and Saturday the parade in Kilkenny City Centre comes alive as local food producers set up their stalls and provide fresh food, craft and treats for everyone to enjoy. We see some of the best local traders from Kilkenny and surrounding counties come to showcase their amazing produce and crafts. In this blog we will introduce you to some you will meet at the market, but also the top Food Producers in Kilkenny.

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Goatsbridge Trout Farm

At Goatsbridge Trout Farm, trout is their passion. Their knowledge and experience farming rainbow trout has been passed down through three generations. Each catch comes daily from the crystal clear waters of The Little Arrigle River, giving their trout unique taste and texture. Goatsbridge produce a range of ready to enjoy, sustainably farmed Rainbow Trout products. They love trout and we know you will too.

Visit – www.goatsbridgetrout.ie for more info!

The Truffle Fairy

Inspired by world travel working with many fine chefs, a deep love of nature and refusal to compromise on quality and flavour, Truffle Fairy chocolates have won numerous International awards, receives National recognition through food guides, blogs and newspaper articles.

The Truffle Fairy was established in 2005 by Professional Chef Mary Teehan. Over the years Mary and her team have refined the making process to create fine chocolate truffles, bars and many chocolate products. All delectable truffles are made by hand in their Thomastown kitchen, and are made with all natural ingredients. With a range of chocolate products on sale at their two locations on Ormonde Street and Chapel Lane, The Truffle Fairy is a must visit for your sweet treats! 

Visit – www.trufflefairy.ie for more info!

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Highbank Orchards

Highbank Orchard is home to the original and innovative and multi award winning Highbank Orchard Syrup. They also produce several delicious Apple juices, including our acclaimed non alcoholic Drivers Cider as well as Highbank Proper Cider and Medieval Cider, matured on their wild yeasts with no added sulphites.

2014 brought the addition of Dodonus – the smallest Distillery in Ireland which was built in the old Highbank Dairy and now produces Highbank Organic Apple Spirits – the first Irish and Kilkenny Organic Apple gin known as Highbank Crystal Gin (out of the rocks of Kilkenny), Highbank Orchard Spirit, Highbank Orchard Liqueur Brandey and Highbank Organic Apple Vodka.

Visit – www.highbankorchards.com for more info!

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The Little Mill

Today, virtually all The Little Mill’s wheat comes from one of three farms, none of them further than 20km from our mill and the grain is milled in the same traditional way that their forebears did. The result is flour that has a wonderfully unique flavour and that contains no additives or preservatives.

The Little Mill Wholemeal flour was the first flour in the range and still remains one of their most popular and as with all our products, the philosophy behind this flour and everything they do is simply, ‘nothing added, nothing taken away’.

Their flour produces some of the finest baking goods you could find and we highly recommend picking yourself up some to try at home, or even pick up some fresh bread!

Visit – www.thelittlemill.ie for more!

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Starting with two hives in the back garden of their house, everything seemed normal with this hobby! Fast forward a few years and a move to Piltown, Co Kilkenny where space was not an issue and Joe’s love for bees and Irish honey has turned into a 100 hive job and Mileeven was born.

Mileeven is run now by Eilis and Sarah, her daughter, still in Co Kilkenny and is one of the leading honey companies in Ireland. The range has increased to include other honeys as well as Irish honey, like Manuka honey, Organic honey, Honeycomb, Lavender honey but staying true to the quality that is good for the bees and great for taste. All of their honeys are pure, raw honey at the best quality.

The awards from the Great Taste Awards, Irish Food Awards and Gulfood Awards that they have received over the years for their honey as well as BRC AA and Organic Trust Certification confirm their quality and innovation and their position as a leading honey supplier in Ireland and around the world.

Grab a jar and try it for yourself… If you haven’t already!

Visit – www.mileeven.com for more!

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Kilkenny Free Range

Kilkenny Free Range is a family owned farm specialising in free range goose, duck and chicken. What started out as a hobby is now a small business. They are situated on a 12-acre farm in Kilkenny in the townland of Shellumsrath. Their three main products are Shellumsrath Goose, Duck and Chicken. Their business is built around quality for the consumer, as well as quality for the lives of the birds they rear. 

With their moto being ‘Free range goose, duck & chicken, fresh from the field to fork’ you know the food will be top quality. Be sure to check them for some seriously tasty food.

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Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams

Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams is a range of handmade preserves. What started as a passion for preserving, skills that Joan and Bob learned from their mothers turned into growing and harvesting a lot of their own fruit and collect and freezing all the wild berries used in the jams. Now, they sell their preserves to select Artisan food stores, craft butchers, health food shops and cafes, where they carry out regular tastings of the products. Farmers markets and food fairs have also become regular events for Joan and Bob and along with promoting their preserves, they love meeting up with fans of their jams because they say it it helps them know what you like best!

Visit – www.joanandbobsjuicyjams.com for more!

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Lisduggan Farm Foods

With the help of modern technology, Lisduggan produce their products the old fashioned way, allowing them to retain the unique tastes and flavours of years gone by. They pride ourselves in using a mix of old and new processes to create outstanding products that whet the appetite of their customoers at home and abroad. Lisduggan focus on market wants and needs as they change – minimal fat content while maintaining taste and flavour. Their products include bacon, burgers, sausages, pudding, lamb, poultry and beef.

Pick up the makings of a delicious dinner or Sunday roast off Lisduggan Farm Foods!

Visit – www.lisdugganfarm.ie for more info!

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Robins Glen

Robins Glen is a family run business centered around growing grain crops, seed crops, green cover crops and organically certified seed potatoes with a small suckler herd. Located beside the village of Glenmore in Kilkenny, Robins Glen converted to organic farming in 2009 because they wanted to farm in a more natural and sustainable way. This system of farming allows a rich diversity of microbes, insects and wildlife to continually propagate, as the different organic crops rotate around our farm. 

Visit – www.robinsglen.ie for more info!

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Sweet Living Kilkenny

Sweet Living chocolate bars quickly became popular as a stand-alone product and Claire’s funky and quirky designs have attracted celebrities in Ireland, the UK, and the United States. When Little House on the Prairie actor, Alison Arngrim asked her Twitter followers to give her a reason to follow them back, Claire designed a chocolate bar using the many facial expressions and sayings of Nellie Oleson – the character Alison played in the television show. The design impressed Arngrim and her followers and while the Nellie bar might have been a one-off, Claire has been encouraged to grow her business and there’s no sign of slowing down.

The demand for her personalised and branded corporate bars is still growing and she has now also introduced 10 ranges of designs for the retail market. Her Chocolate Bars are stocked at various locations around Ireland and across the USA, and with 108 retail designs to choose from you’ll never run out of choice! So it’s safe to say Sweet Living has become a huge success since launching!

Visit – www.sweetliving.ie for more info!

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Riversfield Farm

At Riversfield Organic Farm they grow a range of delicious and fresh organic vegetables, mostly outdoors in the fields with a smaller selection of crops, those needing protection from the elements, being grown under cover in polytunnels. Riversfield is a family run farm based in Callan Co. Kilkenny. At the outset their aim was to build an ethical and sustainable business producing organic food and have only grown since. 

Visit – www.riversfieldorganicfarm.com for more info!

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Bosco's Garden

Bosco’s Garden is a Kilkenny based project promoting sustainable food production using the ethics of permaculture, natural farming and closed loop systems.

Its aim is to produce food products including but not limited to salad greens, vegetables, fruits, sauces and jams for market and local restaurants while also creating informative videos of the processes on their farms as well as other similar projects which they find inspiring and relative to Bosco’s Gardens values. This form of cross-promotion will be beneficial to their brand as well as the permaculture movement in Ireland as a whole.

Visit – www.boscosgarden.com for more info!


Visit www.tastekilkenny.ie for more information