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Kilkenny’s Most Instagrammable Places


We've all been on holidays or staycations where you've found yourself wanting to put up a photo on Instagram to show off where you are or to keep as a memory from your staycation, but you haven't quite found that Instagram spot to do so. Well don't fret, we've got your Kilkenny insta moments sorted! Here we have created a list of some of the brightest, most colourful, scenic and historical places to get that perfect Instagram snap! Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments at the bottom of the page below 👇 And as always, enjoy and thanks for reading! ✌️

Butterslip Lane

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Butter Slip dates to the early 17th Century and ran underneath two houses, with its arched entry and stone steps a narrow and dark walkway connecting High St with St Kieran’s St is the most picturesque of Kilkenny’s many narrow medieval streets. These winding streets that ramble through the city are a perfect view of Medieval Kilkenny. Lined with colourfully painted bars, antique shops & the quaint Italian Petronella restaurant, it’s become an instagram hotspot. Start walking and get your photographer to take a few shots from behind with the medieval town walls in your backdrop! 🚶‍♂️ 😍

Kilkenny City Umbrellas

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Colourful Umbrellas lining narrow city lanes have become an instagram craze lately. Walking off High Street and into the entrance of Market Cross Shopping Centre , you will be greeted to a colourful sky of umbrellas. Brighten up your Instagram page and get a snap underneath this seriously instaworthy location ☂ 😁

Kilkenny Castle

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This medieval beauty is of course, the most instagrammable place in Kilkenny. Built in the twelfth century, Kilkenny Castle was the principal seat of the Butlers, earls, marquesses and dukes of Ormond for almost 600 years. Kilkenny Castle Parklands is the perfect spot to pop yourself down and set up a picnic, with the splendour of the castle as your backdrop. Go far away and pose as if the castle’s resting on your hand, come up close and take a picture of yourself in front of the world famous landmark, even step inside and snap yourself walking around looking up at the high stoned ceiling. Don’t forget the impressive rose garden and man-made lake which really adds a uniquely distinctive appeal to an amazing historical scene. Kilkenny Castle is the perfect place for your next instagram moment🤩

Medieval Mile Museum

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The Medieval Mile Museum is another great place to get instagram shots of you experiencing the magic and history of Ireland’s Medieval Mile. The museums grand gothic style exterior with stained glass windows is an ideal spot. Stand outside, pose and take the photo from nearly knee height facing upwards to show the scale and beauty of this building 🙌 

Kells Priory


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There’s no better place to soak in the culture and history of Medieval Ireland than at Kells Priory. The inner historian is bound to come out of you here! Situated alongside King’s River beside the village of Kells, this priory is the largest and most impressive Medieval monument in the country. Stroll around, capture some shots with ruins dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries as your backdrop. But if you truly want to get the best insta snaps, we recommend going for sunset… No explanation needed! 🌅

Brandon Hill

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Brandon Hill – the view is worth the hike. After a tough hike to get to the top of Brandon Hill, the view overlooking Kilkenny and the surrounding counties is extremely rewarding. There’s no better way to show off your hard work than to take a photo of yourself with a sea of green fields on the horizon. Let your followers know 💪



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Inistioge has movie star status. This picture perfect village was where Maeve Binchy’s Circle of Friends was filmed. Here you will be spoilt for choice for those memorable holidays snaps that are insta-worthy. Enjoy a walk around the village taking in the tree-lined square, then down to the river for those snaps that will give your pals holiday envy. The green area by the river is delightful, and if you continue under the bridge, you will be able to see Mount Sandford Castle, a folly, which is hidden in the trees. Is it any wonder this village has been a film location so many times? Before you leave you must stop off at Woodstock Gardens. This is one of Kilkenny’s best hidden gems! 

Boat Trip with Boattrips.ie

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It’s hard to think of a more relaxing way to tour the historical parts of Kilkenny than by boat. Cruising along the Nore Valley river means you’ll get some great angles of these landmarks, perfect for a cheeky instagram post! Boat trips provide really unique views with vista continually presenting themselves while you rediscover much of the unseen landscapes and heritage of Ireland’s Ancient East. 🚣

Kayaking on the Nore River

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Show off your skills on the gram by jumping in a kayak and hitting the Kilkenny waters. Whether it’s some shots of you white water rafting, paddle boarding or chilling and letting the current take you down the river, kayaking on the River Nore or Barrow is a great way to capture the adventure. Check out Go with the Flow, Paddle your Own Canoe or Pure Adventure to plan your Kilkenny water adventure 🌊

St Francis Bridge

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St Francis’ Bridge is a relatively new landmark in Kilkenny. With a new and modern look, it provides an area connecting countryside to city, or as far as instagram goes, the ideal spot for a photo. Recreate those famous Amsterdam canal snaps in Kilkenny on the St Francis Bridge! 🤩

Castlecomer Discovery Park

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Castlecomer Discovery Park is an 80 acre site of stunning natural woodlands and lakes. With a wide range of exhilarating activities including a zip line, tree top walk or even axe throwing, this park is instagram heaven. Take on the adventure with your photographer!  🧗‍♂️