Cafe la coco is a small, cozy family run cafe in the heart of Kilkenny city.  Within walking distance to some of Kilkenny's top tourist attractions including Kilkenny Castle, Medieval Mile Museum and Rothe House . Loved by the locals and tourists visiting Kilkenny. 
We love our coffee. We brew every cup with precision and commitment and with the same mission statement: Make It Awesome!
We don't just do coffee. We've become Kilkenny's No 1 wholefood cafe by caring deeply about the quality of the ingredients from the best local artisan producers. Our food is made fresh to order, every morning with a strong emphasis on good quality. Starting from blueberry pancakes and smashed avocado toast to mouthwatering sourdough sandwiches, organic salads and baked goods. We are vegan and gluten free friendly.
Cafe la coco focus on bringing love of design, food, baking, coffee and great service in relaxed and welcoming environment. ''Everyone is always welcome at our table"