Hawkeye School of Falconry at Lyrath Estate

Commitment To The Art.

Even before recorded history, our ancestors flew birds of prey. From the Steppes of Asia, to medieval Europe, from five thousand years ago to the present day, Falconry has become a way of life for Falconers around the world.

Whether or not you have experienced Falconry before, you will get a chance to handle these magnificent creatures, letting them fly from your gloved hand and returning to feed. It is a profound experience to interact so closely with a hunting animal.

At Hawkeye School of Falconry, we are totally dedicated to this Ancient Sport of Kings. This, the noblest of all field sports, gives you the unique opportunity to personally fly, handle, feed and interact with some of our trained Hawks and Owls. We adhere to a very high standard of Falconry and only use practicing Falconers for all our services. 

Hawkeye Falconry Ireland provides Falconry experiences at our School on the beautiful grounds of Lyrath Estate, in the medieval city of Kilkenny.

For further information on our experiences or to make a booking please visit https://www.hawkeyefalconry.ie