Shankill Castle – Festivals & Events

Shankill Castle is a unique family home often described as a living museum. It was first built as a Butler towerhouse near the ruins of a pre-reformation church. In 1708 it was rebuilt and set in a formal landscape, vista to the front and canal to the rear, by Peter Aylward. In the 19th century it was enlarged and castellated, serpentine bays added to the canal and an unusual polyhedral sundial given pride of place on a sunken lawn. The stable yard and castellated entrance to the demesne are attributed to Daniel Robertson.

Nowadays visitors can take a guided tour of the castle and a walk around the gardens. Visit in spring for snowdrops, daffodils and tulips, summer for the meadows, art exhibitions and sunshine walks, autumn for the ScareFest, ghost tours and wand and quill making, winter for drawing classes and winter workshops.