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Stand Together with Our Kilkenny Heroes



Not all superheros wear capes

Every day we are reminded of the doom and gloom that COVID-19 has brought on the nation and across our communities. We are constantly checking the news for updates on outbreaks and any glimmer of hope that the pandemic will end soon. We are all following the orders from the HSE and staying at home  to help prevent the spread of the virus. But in the heart of our villages and towns a light is shining from the power of the community spirit. This is an amalgamation of all the great work that is being done by so many, who are risking their health and safety to help others in need. 

Hospitals and medical facilities are overwhelmed.  On the frontline, doctors, nurses, carers, health care workers, porters, cleaners and all hospital staff are working round the clock to fight this deadly battle for the nation. Our first responders, paramedics, fire fighters, Gardaí and defence forces are doing everything within their power to support and protect our communities. We will be eternally grateful for the sacrifice that these heroes have made to help save lives and we look forward to a time when we can thank them and celebrate their dedication and achievements. 

There are so many other heroes who have also been putting in a huge effort to keep our communities running. From food producers and manufacturers, farmers and fisheries, delivery and truck drivers, retail stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, grocery checkout staff on the front line, grocery delivery workers, restaurants, kitchen workers, community and support groups, priests, undertakers, Kilkenny GAA, taxi drivers and so many more who are going well and beyond the extra mile to supply their services in a safe environment to allow people to stay at home and stop the spread. 

Clothing companies are changing manufacturing lines to produce protective medical equipment, distilleries are now producing hand sanitiser, even flour mills have had to change their production lines to cater for the high demand in home baking. Farmer’s markets and local shops have gone online to help keep our local producers and shops in business. Local restaurants are now providing takeaway and catering services. Neighbours are helping each other, shopping for the elderly, walking dogs and offering random acts of kindness. A virus may be contagious but one thing is clear from this pandemic – kindness is also contagious.

Kilkenny is famous for its warm and welcoming people. But these are not just extraordinary people they are heroes. We stand together with our heroes, as remember, not all heroes wear capes. 



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