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Top Distilleries to Visit in Kilkenny

Smithwick’s Experience

So you have visited the caste, tour the medieval city, sampled the flavours of Kilkenny's finest bars, cafes and restaurants and now want to try something different while in Kilkenny!

Brewing and distilling is deeply embedded in the industrial fabric of Kilkenny. Kilkenny leads the way in product innovation and no visit to the place synonymous with Smithwick’s is complete without taking a distillery tour or sampling a tincture from a local micro-brewery. From pip to sip and grape to grain, Kilkenny producers are delighted to welcome visitors to explore the science and folklore of this ancient craft.

Ballykeefe Irish Gin


Ballykeefe Distillery is an artisan family-farm Irish Whiskey distillery located in picturesque countryside, just 15 minutes outside the medieval city of Kilkenny. A tour of Ballykeefe Distillery is a must for anyone with an interest in Kilkenny’s historical association with Irish Whiskey. The guided tour enables guests to explore our distillery and discover the ancient art of Irish Whiskey making and the craftmanship that goes into each of our casks. Experience first-hand the sound, smell and feel of a fully operational distillery, with a behind-the-scenes tour teaching the fine art of distilling and of course a tasting of our signature spirits. For further information and to book a tour visit www.ballykeefedistillery.ie

Smithwicks Experience Distillery Tour


Immerse yourself in the brewing experience while one of the local staff explains what makes it so unique and discover what gives this ruby ale its unique character and flavour. Finish off this historic tour with a visit to the Tasting Room – the perfect place to judge a pint of Smithwick’s, which is complimentary on every tour.

The Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny is situated in the heart of Kilkenny City, just a five minute walk from Kilkenny Castle, on Ireland’s Medieval Mile. The guided tours run at regular intervals throughout the day, 7 days a week. Visit: www.smithwicksexperience.com

Walsh Whiskey Distillery


At Royal Oak, the majestic 18th century home of Walsh Whiskey Distillery, centuries of history have aligned to rhyme with the hope of a new era. An era born of the creation of our premium handcrafted Irish whiskeys, The Irishman and Writers Tears, through the nature and nurture of our community. Royal Oak, reflects our passion for the attention to detail we believe makes a difference and our family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence. In following our dream we enjoy life to the full in a countryside laden with inspirational people, heritage, culture and natural beauty.  Visit: www.walshwhiskey.com

Highbank Orchard


Highbank Organic Farm in Co. Kilkenny was a 17th century farmyard and the present farm house was built by our family in the 19th Century. The first apple orchards were planted by the family, in 1969, to compliment the hop gardens. The varieties of apples are specially chosen for their juicing properties which are uniquely complex and full of health giving vitamins and minerals. Highbank Orchards is home to the original and innovative and multi award winning HIGHBANK orchard syrup. We also produce several delicious Apple juices, including our acclaimed Christmas organic mulling apple juice. For information on tours visit: www.highbankorchard.com

Kilkenny Whiskey Guild


The Kilkenny Whiskey Guild is a collection of 10 establishments throughout Ireland’s Medieval capital. Each premises will stock a minimum of 60 Irish Whiskeys and will assist in the customers experience through knowledgeable staff, tasting flights, food pairings and mixology. Why not join a whiskey tasting Kilkenny event which will be held in each of the Guild Houses designed to heighten the public’s knowledge of Irish Whiskey history production and various styles. The guild aims to make Kilkenny the leading Whiskey tourism destination in Ireland. Kilkenny Whiskey Guild Members include: Brewery CornerBilly Byrne’sThe Dylan Whisky BarLangton’sLanigan’sLeft BankMatt the Miller’sParis TexasThe Hibernian Bar and The Wine Centre.

Visit: kilkennywhiskeyguild.com to see upcoming events and dates.

Costello’s are the new wave of Kilkenny brewers


After a day on the course, how does a bright, easy drinking red ale with notes of caramel sweetness and traditional blistering hops sound?  Established in 2014, Costellos Brewing Company is a Kilkenny brewery crafting beers from the rich brewing heritage of the county. Their award winning craft ale is a must try, as is their new ‘spelt lager’; the lowest calorie lager on the market. Both are available in all good bars and off-licences in Kilkenny, check out: http://www.costellosbrewco.ie/locations/