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Bolt launch electric bike service in Kilkenny

Electric Bike Service in Kilkenny

Kilkenny becomes Bolt's second regional e-bike scheme, the first of its kind in the South East.

Bolt, the European mobility champion, has launched its second electric bike service in Kilkenny. Bolt seek to provide alternative transport options to regional Irish communities. The 80-bike pilot will trial new virtual parking solutions to provide both flexibility and ease of use for cyclists and ensure the scheme is mindful of pedestrians and other road users.

Bolt e-bike Kilkenny Castle

How to rent a Bolt e-bike
To rent a Bolt e-bike, users need the Bolt app, available on app stores, and a payment card tied to an account.
Follow these steps to start riding a Bolt e-bike:

● Open the app and tap on the e-bike icon to locate your closest bike
● Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it
● Carefully read through the safety tips
● When you’re ready to roll, push off and go!

Continuing Bolt’s reputation of offering affordable micromobility service across continents, Bolt is the most affordable provider of shared electric bikes in Ireland, thanks to having low rates and no unlock fee.

About Bolt e-bikes
Bolt e-bikes have been designed with a clear focus on safety. Solid rear and front wheel drum brakes help control the speed efficiently. Puncture-proof pneumatic tyres translate into better grip and durability. The e-bike is also equipped with a functional dashboard providing information about speed, battery level and speed zones, showing the user all the information needed to enjoy the ride. Bolt e-bikes are equipped with high-precision GPS which helps users find the bikes easily on the street.

Bolt has also launched the in-app cognitive reaction test which aims to prevent users from riding an e-bike or scooter while intoxicated. If a customer ‘fails’ the test the app encourages them to choose other means of transport e.g. taxi. The test is an added safety layer designed to protect both riders and pedestrians.

The new e-bike model introduced by Bolt has a long lifespan of up to 5 years, which makes it highly sustainable. The e-bike is also produced from 100% recyclable aluminium. Integrating a swappable battery in the e-bike’s design results in fewer operations needed for battery charging. This translates into a decreased overall carbon footprint since the e-bikes do not need to be frequently transported to a warehouse for charging. The high-capacity battery additionally offers a range of up to 90 km per charge.

The e-bike also features beginner modes permitting max speeds of up to 15 km per hour, which can be activated in the Bolt app. Geo-fencing technology enables the prevention of high speeds in designated ‘go-slow’ zones where pedestrian footfall may be high, such as the High Street and the Parade.