Kilkenomics Festival

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This November, the 9th edition of Kilkenomics will take the City by storm. It is the world’s first economics and comedy festival, which brings together some of the world’s leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators alongside the funniest, sharpest stand up comedians.

What the press had to say about Kilkenomics in recent years..

The Australian: “Davos with jokes

UK Sunday Times – “one of the oddest festivals anywhere, comedy with a pint and a point

San Francisco Chronicle: “an utterly bizzare idea but the public love it

BBC – “having a laugh despite the gloom”; “comedians give permission to the audience to feel comfortable

The Irish Times -”A little jewel where players manage to talk human without being patronising

BBC World Service “having a laugh despite the gloom

Bloomberg “Lenny Bruce meets John Maynard Keynes

The Guardian “wildly successful

The Sunday Tribune “laugh, I nearly defaulted!

8th - 11th November