The Hidden Folklore of Ireland

Bollard's Bar, 31-32 Kierans St. Kilkenny, Ireland

+353 83 027 9817

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Enjoy a light-hearted evening of songs & stories from Irish folklore by the talented Ollie Grace in Bollards Bar in Kilkenny City centre.

Shows will run every Thursday evening in Bollards Bar until the end of September. 

Ollie is a native of County Kilkenny with a deep passion for music and folklore. He has extensive experience performing shows on his own and with others across the world. He is a registered Irish National Tour Guide with more than 20 years experience working in tourism and heritage. Ollie’s previous show ran for over 14 years in the Brazen Head Pub in Dublin and he has been consistently rated on Trip Advisor as one of the top evening entertainments in Dublin.

Now, back in Kilkenny Ollie’s show “The Hidden Folklore of Ireland” is one not to be missed.



  • Our earliest customs and beliefs from our Celtic past
  • The world of the imagination, the spiritual, the mysterious, the unseen and including of course the world of The Irish Fairies
  • How our people lived their daily lives, the houses they lived in and the crucial importance of the potato to their survival
  • Our songs and story-telling which still have such joy, meaning and importance for us
  • The lightness and laughter that shaped us as a people and helped us to survive and thrive down through many difficult centuries


The show will have particular emphasis on our rich heritage of songs and music. This will involve a degree of spirited audience participation!